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they want with the artist. If you go the online route, I recommend getting on the mailing list first so you will get discount offers before ordering. Paypal update: Paypal also has a new chip reader, shown to right, for credit cards with chips and Apple Pay. I also find that using D-rings and matching screws work well to wire the back of a frame with the vinyl coated picture wire. How important are credit cards? I originally said a few years ago in this article "What's next, are the painters no longer going to paint their signature on their art but since then I have seen this with different painters.

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The eighth image shows a vented peak on the top to let out hot air but not let in rain. Art show items: List of items to bring to art show Some personal items that you may want to bring to the art show are water, lunch, snacks, hat, sun tan lotion and a small cooler. . Do not purchase a tent that does not list the denier number or at least call the manufacturer or retailer and ask first. The placement of your art and related display areas is also very important. . This allows the customers to be able to hang the artwork when they get home. Part of selling art is promotion that can be approached from many ways at once. I recommend to artist that put original art in the print bin to state that it is an original painting or your art medium name on each piece. Her viewpoint was that she sold note cards of her paintings and that the customer could just purchase them. Some artists do not offer price discounts to the customer as they do not think they should discount their art. The price can vary based on other factors such as the associated costs of how the photograph is framed or printed on special paper or canvas.