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over a campfire to keep himself warm. Between its weak damage and the danger factor of planting yourself in front of the onrushing enemies that will proceed to stunlock you, this is the worst sorceress spell in the game. In other words, either you deal enough damage to kill them outright or you will never kill them. This created the Hammerdin, making a Blessed Hammer/Concentration combo a viable character build (with the right equipment, of course). It's no longer available as a learnable skill since the skill trees are now strictly segregated by class, but the game does include a compact storage system for carrying a large number of spell scrolls for this purpose. These levels were more random before the first few patch; later on, they changed the random generator to be less annoying. Happy Ending Override : Diablo II is one of the few games that matches Chrono Cross in the sheer brutality of this everything you did in the first game only made the problem worse. An exception to this is the unique staff "Ribcracker which is a fairly popular weapon for shapeshifter druids who don't have access to the high end expensive runewords. It is now known that the random warrior is actually the other son of the skeleton king and the older brother of the prince that Diablo took over for a body. In the Diablo III timeline it says: Mephisto is captured near the jungles of Kehjistan. For some reason, bull-demons are all named for the Clans of goat folk from Act I and Act IIMoon Clan/Lord, Blood Clan/Lord, etc. Certain items, such as the Rainbow Facet unique jewels, allow player characters a chance to do this.

If you play on your own (single player you will not even get enough experience to keep up with the monsters, forcing you to stop and grind. There is also the Attract curse which causes all enemies to attack the cursed target. Or, if Izual is to be believed, it's actually a gambit on the part of good manipulating evil, not evil manipulating good. Assassin - Ninja/Scrapper DPSer, but could choose to learn Traps. Baal, the Lord of Destruction, is the second of the Prime Evils, and is actually fought in the expansion pack of Lord of Destruction. Every time he uses the skill, about a gallon of blood spills out of him. For passive skills like Paladin auras, this makes sense, but for normal attacks and spells it's very limiting. It's funny to cast the resurrection spell with a necromancer on them and watch the death animation play backwards. The novels attempt to (not always successfully) play with this. In Medias Res : More like "In Ultimas Res." All of the cinematics in the original game take place after Diablo's defeat. Brain Food : Apparently the Zombie family of Undead monsters in the verse want to eat brains.

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