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circumstances, not a uniform dress code. Scrub sets of neutral color are not practical in the nursing field, especially when nurses have to work. These can get badly soiled and look shabby by the end of the day, which affects the crisp and neat appearance that nurses are expected to project. If not white, then nurses should be issued uniforms of standard colors and fits. A hospital nurse should dress formally, in a dignified manner. Nurses have critical duties to perform, and nurses feel that hospital management should consider their comfort as well while considering the issue of standard issue dress code uniforms. The white color not only indicates purity and service, but also looks traditional. Patients need a point of reference and a standard nursing uniform provides this reference. Hospitals should come down heavily on nurses who grow their nails, wear perfume to work and smoke. While theres no common consensus on this issue, the bottom line is that nurse uniforms should be clean and functional. This is an ongoing debate, with some hospitals saying yes to uniformity and some hospitals respecting individuality. The popular feeling among nurses who work long hours is that selection of scrubs shouldnt be limited by management type of people who only subscribe to the corporate thinking process.

This article lists a collated set of the most popular pros and cons of a uniform dress code for nurses. A home nurse should dress casually and a nurse that works with the elderly in nursing homes should wear cheerful, comfortable clothing. Nursing clothing choice is mostly dictated by the workplace, the brand image of the hospital or health care facility employer, and the kind of patient clientele to which the center caters.

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Pros Of A Uniform Dress Code For Nurses. There are pros and cons to this question, with patients, health care staff and health care facility managers adding their opinions. A name tag, combined with a professional demeanor will let the patients know who the nurse. To help with identification, hospital regulation should emphasize that name tags should be compulsorily worn by all hospital staff. Same colored nursing staff uniforms help to set nurses apart from other hospital staff. Focusing on a uniform dress code should not be a priority. It should be sufficient to display a clear name tag that indicates the person is a nurse.