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characters. Do I need to have an active subscription to get these bonuses? Enjoy your new items! I bought something from the shop. For example, our Veterans will have all 8 character slots instead of 2, 4 bank tabs instead of 1, a special title available in-game and even more benefits. For example, if you were on a PvP server before, you will find your characters on Killian now. You will find all the items you bought there. What can I do?

The tera Club subscription can only be acquired with real money though. In order to enter a gametime card code, please go in-game and open the tera Shop. You can also manage your club membership this way. Yes, you can still redeem those codes.

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We cant accept tera Thalers for membership. Please take a look at our comparison chart right here: Account Types, is there a special currency in the shop or am I able to purchase items directly for real money? Take your time to browse the shop to see if you find anything you like. Click the tera Club button at the top to open your browser. Clicking the Buy TT button in the shop will open your browser with all the info you need. After opening the menu, youll find an additional button for the shop, which opens a new window in-game. Choose your favourite way to pay and fill in all the information thats needed. Enjoy your tera Club membership! Experience tera, support, do you have a problem or something to report? What differences and limitations apply to the different account types? You will be shown different ways to become a member of the tera Club.

tera thalers coupon code

Sign In / Sign. Tera m Coupon Codes. Tera Europe shares 9 coupon codes and promo codes.

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