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helpful? Does this mean we do not need to coupon code 50 off list the ingredients on the label either? Yes No "Hi, can we added hydrols to this pet spray? Wish there was an ingredient list. When you find a fragrance you need to know the ifra, simply ask the question on the product, and we will respond back. I understand that there is no requirement to list the ingredients on the packaging, tbut I would like to know what is in it before using it on my pets, and I suspect my customers would as well." Click Here To View 1 answer(s) Posted. Product used IN: Pet Care thingike things I'D like TO change Lathers great, but rinses out easily. Product used IN: Room Linen Sprays Bella Georgia Date Submitted: 05/26/2017 I Recommend This Product! Yes No I use this product on my cats and dogs and it works great on both, I have not had any issues with this product. Yes No "I've never used a pet spray before, where is the best spot on your animal to do a "test" to make sure they will not have a reaction to it?

" Click Here To View 2 answer(s) Posted By: Melissa  March 15, 2014 Adding glycerin wouldn't solve the issue of too strong a scent. Yes No "I have a lot of customers asking if they could use on their own hair not sure on this? "Pet Shampoo" comments: Not only do I love this product, so do my customers. Product used IN:  Pet Care Lori Missouri Date Submitted:  I Recommend This Product! His coat was left very soft and shiny. If I ever add a line of pet 'poo, I will def use this base! Thanks" Click Here To View 1 answer(s) Posted By: Po Yan June 15, 2017 Staff Answer If you over-stirred the product, you may have created bubbles or suds on the top of the product. Yes No "I am seeing quite a few questions about ingredients and all with the same answer (ingredients do NOT have to be listed).

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Posted By: WSP Staff Date: April 02, 2018 Was this answer helpful? Definitely be buying more. Smells great. February 03, 2014 Staff Answer This product is regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and is not required to have ingredients listed on the label. If so, which one would work best for longevity?" Click Here To View 1 answer(s) Posted By: Brittany November 19, 2014 Staff Answer This base already contains a preservative strong enough to accommodate a maximum 5 additives. Product used IN: Pet Care Chanda Utah Date Submitted: I Recommend This Product!

They may or may not have a reaction to the spray. This base is so light and doesn't make him itch. I rather do a test area before I spray her down." Click Here To View 1 answer(s) Posted By: Samantha February 05, 2014 Staff Answer We do not have a recommendation as every animal is different.