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on sale sometimes and Ive heard you can freeze them well. These are just our top ten favorite. This gum is pricey.

Justins Peanut Butter Cups These are not gfcf (gluten and dairy free) but they are good. My daughter loves anything peppermint! Contains xylitol so you dont want to eat too much of it or it can cause loose stools.  They also have lemon lollipops but theyre pretty big. Can find online too.

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Surf Sweet Gummy Worms, these are my kids favorite. There are lots more options available without dyes and the Big. Amazon has the fruit chews as well. For more ideas, check out my Dye-Free Candy and Gum Pinterest board. They take these to school to keep at the teachers desk for when the teacher is handing out candy as a reward. Low salicylate sub: Lemon balls. These work awesome in recipes as well! We tried the cinnamon once but it was way too hot. They have a TON of different candy (see #2) caramels, Tootsie Roll type chocolate rolls, licorice, and now juicy chews.

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