oracle certification promotion code

I am an OTN member and want to take my OCP on DB admin. The DBAs and Enterprises must realise real advantages to perform early or convenient upgrades before the Non support of Release force them to. I contacted my local Oracle University representative (when the voucher was still valid but without success: no voucher replacement, no expiration date extension).

Etc and more and more. Does anybody know how to obtain it?

Who will decide under what kind of service the databases will be? In a general way I think autonomous databases will reduce tons of working hours for DBAs but will not represent in a practical and real way the elimination of Human presence. My though about all this is: #1.- DBAs with kind of regular maintenance tasks.

Evolve to #2, or if you decide to stay in the same role, your payment could be less over time or your role could be slowly disappear. This will decide by Database Architects. I have 17 years as Oracle DBA and I could tell you how this profession have been evolving, having a tendency of: More elaborated and advanced features. The era of regular and boring tasks is getting away. Those kind of operational DBAs who are or were in charge just of doing simple tasks. Was not the main thing with what DBAs had to deal. Talk With Other Members, be Notified Of Responses. Basically is a sea of options. This point could impact relatively high the cost of many enterprises, because tuning a database constantly imply constant high costs. That's the mechanism the Oracle software will use to upgrade databases in hot. Now, when DBAs will decide where to lodge databases must think in many options. Upgrades and Tunes itself.