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the recipe. February 26, 2010 Crystal Paine, add to my favorites, planning is key in pulling off a successful. Ive always used a simple notebook in the past, but Im excited to finally have something a little snazzier to use. 2) Consult The Sales Fliers, if your cupboards dont produce enough ideas or recipe fodder to work with, the next step is to consult the sales fliers. B freezer Cooking Day Master List, this worksheet is a place for you to write down your final list of recipes, where they are located (cookbook, website link, etc. For more ideas on how to pull off a Freezer Cooking Day, be sure to stop by and read FishMamas post called Freezer Cooking Basics. FishMamas lasagna and added that to my list. Ill post my Freezer Cooking Day Master List and Prep List later on today along with a link-up for you to share yours, as well. And when you get to the actual putting together of recipes, youll just fly through them. Free Downloadable Freezer Cooking Day Planning Worksheets. Download the Freezer Cooking Day Prep List here.

First, youll do all the items on your Master Prep List and then youll actually put together all the meals. Check things off as you go and be encouraged by your progress and accomplishments! Once you have your Master List of Recipes, read through each recipe and note what youll need to buy at the store. Believe me, Ive tried winging it before and it just doesnt work.

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Just for fun, I asked, joy to put together some free downloadable Freezer Cooking Planning Sheets which you are welcome to use, if you find them helpful. I always try to put the most time-intensive recipes first and the easiest recipes at the end. I usually try to pick a few simple meals and a few more time-intensive dishes. So once Ive written the prep work next to each recipe, I can make a Master Prep List which combines all the prep work for all the recipes together. Like this: Onions I (this means Ill need to buy 4 onions). This is where youll put the planned order of events for your Freezer Cooking Day. Read more posts about Free Downloadables maple leaf prime coupons Freezer Cooking. and all of the prep work each recipe requires. My Prep List for next weeks Freezer Cooking Day. Jot down a list of ingredients you already have to work with and possible recipe ideas as you go along.

I often combine both the ideas from my cupboards and what is on sale to make up my Master List of Recipes. That way, if Im starting to drag halfway through the cooking, I know that Ive saved the easiest for last and it gives me renewed energy! My Master Plan for next weeks Freezer Cooking Day. These would be things like shredding cheese, chopping onions, browning ground beef, cooking and chopping chicken, and so forth. I recommend then also making a final Master Plan which includes the order of events for your Freezer Cooking Day. If you have an odd assortment of ingredients and are stumped for ideas, check out the Ingredient Search feature. So there you have a simple explanation of how I plan a Freezer Cooking Day.