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If so, what did you call them? Why do they rush to her aid so quickly? Well, as Im writing this, it hasnt yet come outso Im still waiting for the most rewarding part, which is talking to readers and finding out what they made of my characters. Tell your book club about them. What is Isas reaction to Theas toast? I write as if Im someone reading the bookoften people ask if I write one strand first, and then go back and seed in the other, but I dont think I could keep track of who knows what, and the tension would come out wrong. On Isas first morning back at the Mill, Kate discovers a dead sheep.

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Do you agree with Isas decision to withhold this information from Owen? When Isa reflects upon the events that took place, she muses that she will tell Freya a story about bravery, and selflessness, and sacrifice (p. Rick praises Kate for staying in Salten, telling her, Your dad was a good man, no matter what others in this place say, and you done well to stick it out here with the gossips (p. How would you describe Ambrose? The Lying Game is intricately plotted and filled with unexpected twists. The I-95 Highway Gourmet is dedicated to all those road warriors who have found or are looking for that perfect stop along Americas Interstate 95! Isa says that she and her friends have spent seventeen years running and hiding, in our different ways (p. What are they hiding from? May we never grow old (p. Is there anything that has been particularly rewarding about publishing The Lying Game? Describe his relationship with Ambrose and Kate. Why do each of the women feel so differently about Ambrose?

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