woocommerce coupons not working

of them will convert to a higher priced product as well. Heres a bonus tip If youre interested in using coupons to promote your store then you should check out Advanced Coupons. T/us/ woocommerce -coupon-code category: Promo codes, Coupon codes, show All, coupons, woocommerce.com Promo Code 2019 - Dealspotr. Plus it comes with detailed documentation and awesome support. Not, working, as mentioned there are several potential causes for a free shipping coupon not to work. But if you have a person contracted to work on your site, always check with them first before processing any updates you arent sure about. Bonus: secret Take My Sales Through The Roof strategies Here are some quick actions you can take on your store to grow sales ikea discount coupon code and wow customers even today! Coupons are a great way to attract new customers and get loyal ones to come back for more.

Bonus: How To Apply Your Free Shipping Coupon Automatically Based On Conditions Want to ensure that your free shipping coupon is applied only when certain conditions are true? If you have updates pending on your Dashboard you need to keep up to date. Enter these fields: Coupon code Code used by the customer to apply the coupon. Great for upsells, downsells and to encourage repeat sales! What To Do Next If you still cant isolate the problem then Im afraid you might need to enlist the help of a skilled developer to troubleshoot the issue for you. To add a new coupon,. Strategy #6: Create an Available Offers page on your site Create a new page in WordPress, link it from a prominent place on your site. For example: only allow the free shipping coupon when the subtotal is over 150 What about having the free shipping coupon apply automatically? That would be nice and easy for your customers! From getting started to using it day in and out, Smart Coupons provides the most advanced and all-in-one coupon solution for WooCommerce. Yes, it works with WooCommerce Bookings (separate purchase). Conclusion The best thing about Smart Coupons is that it is used by more than ten thousand people, its fully tested and covers almost everything you may want to do with coupons.

If you want your free shipping coupon to actually work you need to make it possible to actually get free shipping. Per-cart coupons do not work if a sale item is added afterward. Products Products that the coupon will be applied to, or that need to be in the cart in order for the Fixed cart discount to be applied. The only way I was able to make the coupon work was to add the main product. I have not tested whether automatic coupons works with variable products but as this functionality is provided by plugin WooCommerce, extended, coupon, features and this plugin is listed as should work.