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we get today from local sources. You can log into My Account and manage your account, milk demand and add more credit.

Due to the seasonal nature of our products, quantities may be limited and there may be no rain checks issued. You can choose to buy credit for a minimum amount of 1,000 (Multiples of 100 thereafter). Simply put, we take the milk, just as our healthy cows give us and put them into hygienic glass bottles, tempurpedic com coupon seal them and deliver them over to your door step. Straight from our indigenous breed of cows to your house. All this very minimal time, so that you can enjoy the goodness of our fresh and creamy milk. Typographic, photographic and printing errors are subject to correction at the store level. Just two step signup. Ask us for a sample now. Enter Your Mobile Number, please provide your mobile number. You can also request extra milk on any day, provided you let us know a day in advance.

Now that you are here, lets get you some fresh creamy milk. Percent off discounts are off original ticketed price. Subscription plans, we work on a prepaid credit model. Welcome, welcome to the world of The Milk Pot. This is just milk, pure milk and that is what is special!

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