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Right On Switches. Comic Books The reason why Marvel Comics made sure to publish a comic with a character named Captain Marvel every few years was so that the trademark didn't lapse and DC Comics couldn't swoop in and use it with their Captain Marvel (purchased from Fawcett. One episode of Law Order concerned a mass killing at a bar called "The Velvet Room". Wakko: Someone's trademarked Granny? Phoenix was already trademarked by a bios developer, and Firebird was used by a free and open source database program, and as Mozilla Firebird (as it was known at the time) was also free and open source software, so Mozilla changed the name to Firefox. Live-Action TV In a slightly bizarre reversal of this trope, The Six Million Dollar Man once featured a villain named Barney Miller.

Not only the name is changed (there is even a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of his creator but the hair is blue, with a mostly red costume. The Iron Maiden song To Tame A Land (from the Piece of Mind Album) was based on Frank Herbert's Dune. A few minor examples have Ken refer to Ikea as, "a Swedish furniture store Skipper call Turner Classic Movies, " that channel nobody watches and Chelsea refer to Starbucks as, "some coffee shop". This same dispute means that "Superstars of Wrestling" banners are blurred and episodes of the show itself tend not to be shown until the "of wrestling" was dropped. Since the advent of TNA and the various independent promotions in the United States, the names of wrestlers who jump ship from one promotion to another can often change because of trademark claims. The Simpsons episode A Tale of Two Springfields has Bart refer to a "Novelty Flying Disc".

In Operation Darkness, Herbert West, the mad scientist with the ability to revive the other characters, had his surname altered to East for the English localization. There was also an episode where Alexis is setting up a profile for Martha on a popular social networking site; Martha tells Castle that she's getting a " My Face " account. Originally he was to be named "Paxman after the manufacturer of the Class 17's twin engines. The Elektra-affiliated Hot Water Music broke up that same year (apparently without releasing anything so the other one was free to use their original name again. A Legion of Net. Doctor Who : The story " The Green Death " features an evil corporation called Global Chemicals. Like, before you were born.