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as a commodity used as a medium of exchange. However, its the place one will want to be in the case of impending disaster. What are the benefits of an agrarian society, and how have they shaped the way we live today? The crunch is the period of time directly preceding a collapse and the collapse itself. Then about 10,000 years ago, we came to a divide. One reason for this, is that the fair value price of precious metals will be hard to determine, as it will be difficult to locate buyers for this commodity. In one of the most unassuming locations exists the worlds largest survival community, complete with 575 off-grid doomsday bunkers. While in the hospital a Global Rescue representative called me and asked the details of my illness.

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On this side we had the nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle we'd always known. As food supplies diminish, those without firearms will want to acquire them so they can hunt for food. As the potential for shtf increases, Vivos intends to install a general store, shooting range, hydroponic gardens, horse stables, medical clinic, classroom, and a members-only restaurant. The latter group will not just include the wealthy, but also the frugal and prepared type who take nothing for granted, and make extra preparations in case of the worst. For those with the ability to do so, store fuel in underground tanks on your property for later use and trading. On the far side we had settled agriculture.