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corsetry from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out. One of my proudest achievements is working with thousands of other corset enthusiasts in our community to create the compilation ebook. For example, my patron. Get Deal 28 People Used, figleaves: Shop 20 off with code. We will help you save 50 on special corsets. I'm part corset maker, part teacher, part wearer, part consultant. It's a good month if I manage to earn 5 from a new video that might have taken me 12 hours to research and create from start to finish.

Sometimes I work as a liasion between corset makers and their clients, helping people find their "match". Learn more at Lucy 's Corsetry (website my channel, and Corset Database). It was almost impossible to find detailed, objective, constructive reviews of corsets on at the time -. Expire Date: 20, get Code.00, uSD, i'm starting my annual corset inventory clear out! Whenever I sell off corsets from my personal collection (usually sizes 22" and 24 patrons get first dibs AND however much they've cumulatively pledged over the year goes toward a discount on any corset you buy!

Alas, I cannot survive on kind words alone. There is no requirement for you to help keep. I usually do corset sales once or twice a year, and I give my patrons a week head-start before I'll open up my sale to the rest of the public. Some call me the Corset Ambassador, and that works for me!

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If you purchase or wear a corset for any reason, whether aesthetic, therapeutic or otherwise, you agree that you do so at your own risk,.e. This book gives a peek into the world of medical corsetry : where people in emotional or physical pain use corsets therapeutically to improve their lives. (I spend more time working to be able to afford to continue making videos.). Here's brick built discount code what your contribution would do for the future of Lucy 's Corsetry : More corset videos, more often More hair, nutrition and health videos Bringing back sewing tutorials Funding corsets to continue making free reviews Funding research (affording to buy Pubmed papers, etc). I have never spent a single penny on advertising or marketing for.