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probiotic miracle 03/29/2013 This stuff is the real deal. 1/13/2016 I have been giving my dog 2 probiotic tablets a gamersaloon promo code day for two weeks to fight a yeast problem. . Have a GSD with terrible allergies, scratching, bad smell, et all. . It matches its name, its a miracle! Nusentia makes a fantastic probiotic for pets.* Anyway, also I found this page about the canine research, thought I would post for anyone interested in the real deal!

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Don't see that on probiotic miracle, but do see it on Synacore. . How does it help yeast? He has food intolerances and allergies - I suspect yeast issues. I have her on a vet diet now but she is gassy again. Thanks for all the info. What type of Probiotics-if any-would be helpful? 01/03/12 After reading this web site and the reviews on other sites about Probitoic Miracle, I am going to give this dog probiotic a try. 12/5/2016, we all take vitamins to regulate our nutrition/health. 08/26/2012 the coupon for dog probiotics worked got.93 discount 08/14/2012 Thanks for reaffirming Probiotic Miracle is a quality product. He developed gluten intolerance after vaccinosis and eats gluten free per Vet recommendation.