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: Genital Molluscum. True, it is a harmless and painless viral infection, but it manifests itself as horrible looking lesions that many people, me included, are willing to go to extremes to get treated. Guess Again, their website claims that Zymaderm is FDA-approved. ACVx: No longer available, zymaDerm : Does not work for many people. Will scar 3 Colloidal Silver : Banned by the FDA 1 Iodine / Betadine : Sterilizes the surface of the skin, but will not penetrate the skin to get to the virus 1 Duct Tape : It may work on warts, but does not seem.

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They will refund your money of it does not work in 6 months. This is probably why it seems to work better on children, because molluscum on children clears faster than on adults. However, I have found that neither ingredient is very effective against molluscum. Treatment, quick Summary Review, my Rating, natural Molluscum : This is the treatment that worked for me, so I am biased about. YesNo, clearance items as cheap.84. Dont miss out on a fabulous strong promotion for Clearance items as cheap.84. Terrasil : Another cure-it-all product. This blog is dedicated to all the people out there trying to cure themselves of molluscum contagiosum.

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